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Simple Door Updates

It doesn't take much money for Simple Door Updates that will add to the curb appeal of your home. This week I'll show you how update your door for under $50. This isn't something that you have to do in fall - it can be done at anytime. Thanks for your love on last weeks blog post & video. If you missed it, you can click the underlined links above to see how I style my Pottery Barn Pumpkins. Looking for design inspiration click here!

Simple Door Updates

I love how personalized these simple updates are & how they've taken my door up a notch. Before it truly blended in with the rest in the neighborhood & with my house. It wasn't horrible, but it didn't really reflect that we actually loved it either. Does that make sense? This shows how subtle updates can really make a difference. It's not completely finished yet but here is the during process.

Before Simple Door Updates

Here's my inspiration photo for my front porch. I'm still waiting for a few pieces to arrive, but I'll share them with you first here and here. I like to offer my subscribers first hand information about products I love and discount codes to be applied to on trend must-have items.

Simple Door Updates Inspiration

I can't wait to be completely done with this curb appeal project. Don't you just love those topiaries? Ok.. back to this project.

I popped over to Home Depot to pick up these items for my door update. You don't necessarily have to go there, but I did. Here's what I used:

Simple Door Updates Supplies


Everbuilt's Satin Aluminum Kick Plate $14.97 here

Distinctions Flush Mount 4" Nickel Numbers $2.99 here

3M Painter's Tape ( I already had on hand, here)

Thin Tipped Pen or Marker

I started the process of planing out where I wanted the kick plate and my house numbers to be placed on the door. I ended up lifting the kick plate about 1/4 of an inch from the bottom of the door. I knew I wanted the house numbers in the middle of the door, so I used the painters tape as a guide for the numbers to sit inside.

Now, was time to dry-fit everything to ensure I liked how it looked. I used a pen to trace where I'd drill pilot holes into the door (don't be scared- you GOT this!).

Tip: Make sure to follow the packing instructions for the correct size bit to drill your holes. You want to ensure that the screws provided will fit snuggly. This is what it looks like once the pilot holes are drilled.

Now for the fun part.... let's attach the plate. I also added a little pam (don't judge) to the screws to lubricate them before drilling them in. You don't want them to snap during this process, because it will ruin all our hard work! If you aren't familiar with using a power drill use a screwdriver to keep from stripping your screws.

Lastly, peel of the protective backing on the kick plate, step back and admire your accomplishment. This can be a quick and easy weekend project that you can knock out in about an hour. I think these simple updates really made a difference on our door!

Got any questions, comments or tips to share about my Simple Door Updates? Please share them in the comments below.


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