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Interior Design accessory shopping
Interior design personal accessory shopping
Interior design & decor

Thank you for taking a look through my website. I offer a few different services, but if you are looking for an interior designer the “standard” procedures are below. If you know what you want and are ready to get started, click here.

1. Initial Contact: You “contact me” through my website, e-mail, or social media. We discuss the space you want to work on, your budget, and any questions you may have about working with me. You want our personalities to mesh well. If you are hesitant for any reason, don’t ignore that feeling and find someone who makes you comfortable. I also send over a contract so you to have plenty of time to look over it before you sign. 

2. Design Consultation: This meeting takes place in your home for one hour. We'd walk around your entire home to feel out the space and flow. I also ask a lot of questions about your “wants” and daily routine. We discuss how you use the room in question and your “must-change priorities” and how our scheduling will work. There is a flat rate charge for this consultation.

3. Contractor Consultation:  If you have your own or plan on saving money by DIYing, please let me know ahead of time. Lewis Interiors LLC (Latoya Lewis) is not responsible for finding your contractor or sub-contractors, but I will meet them to go over designs with you.  If you do not have a budget, this would be the point I help you create one. Your contractor will send you a separate invoice of charges. You will be responsible for paying them.  

4. Signing of Contract and 1st payment due: Once you feel comfortable with the budget and timeline, now it is time to discuss & sign the contract. I will be sending this over for signature via the SignNow application. Half of the total charges discussed is due & payable up front  (upon signing ) & the remaining half of total charges are due & payable on the final day of project completion. For hourly rates (or add on services detailed in contract), I will bill you on the 13th & 27th of every month. Payment is due immediately upon billing on the 15th or 30th of the month. Once all the documentation & financials are taken care of & first payment is received, we can start picking out materials and having fun! 

5. Design mock-ups. I will design you a mock-up and cost-estimate based on everything you have told me. From there, we can change materials, patterns, etc. Some clients like shopping with me and some do not have time so I bring them samples. Let me know what you prefer, and we can do either. I also love re-purposing furniture so please let me know if this is something you'd be interested in.

6. Renovation Time! As the contractors work, I will be there from time to time over seeing what is going on and address and concerns you may have. 

7. Budget review. I present you with a few checklists and budget reviews to make sure everything is on track. Sometimes there are unexpected expenses once demo happens. We want to make sure we have enough wiggle room as possible for any mishaps, while making sure you get everything you want within your budget.

8. Final Walk-through. We want to make sure everything is to your liking so if you notice anything, this would be the last time to tell me.

10. Closure. After you love the house, you will receive a final invoice and a project folder with all the materials we used for future reference.

How much do I charge?

One time Consultation Fee (non-refundable): $150 – for one hour in your home or space. 

Giving Ideas: $200 per room – I will look at your space(s), and give you ideas on what changes could be made in the space. Lewis Interiors LLC, will not implement those changes for you, nor give specific information on how to do so.

Spruce it up: $300 per room - Just need a few things to tie your room together?  We've got you covered with this mini design. Lewis Interiors LLC will provide one design idea along with one shoppable design concept. This package is perfect for a fresh look or finishing touch. Lewis Interiors LLC will not implement these updates, you will be implementing this design in your home or space.

Accessory shopping/ house calls: $300 per room. You and I will discuss your accessory budget, schedule a date & time to go shopping based on that budget & completely deck out your space. This package is perfect for those last finishing touches needed to complete your space! Covers 2 hours of shopping time.

Design Concept Boards: $750 per room, includes one design concept, with one free revision.  Additional revisions or job duty changes, will be billed per hour at the add-on rate as detailed in your copy of the contract. This concept board will include suggestions and an inventory of where to purchase material within our agreed upon budget. You will be implementing this design into your home or space. Implementation is offered by Lewis Interiors LLC as an add on service, (billed at the add on rate ) per the client(s) request.

Fixed Fee:  Preferable for small remodels. This is usually 12% of the overall project budget. Payment for these services are required half up front and other half the day of project completion.

Add- Ons / Hourly: $150 per hour, preferable for multiple rooms, whole home designs, or elevation changes due to remodeling. Per the contract, this charge will be based on driving time, working on mood board time, project management, design implementation, material choosing and acquisition, personal shopping, meetings, space planning, ceiling and lighting plan, tracking, budget projection, and work time.Your invoices will be due & payable on the 15th and 30th of every month (you will be invoiced a few days prior), but you are free to ask current charges at any time. This will be discussed in detail in your copy of the contract.


Trying to sell your home fast? Staged homes sell quicker than un-staged homes on average. Send me pictures of your home, and we can schedule a meeting of what needs to stay, be added, or go. I’d love to help!


Want to turn your old dated furniture new? I can help! Please “contact” me and be sure to send a picture of your piece and looks you love. 

How much do I charge?

This truly depends on the size of the piece and look you want. It can range from $200-$1000.

I'd love to help you transform your space through interior design. Whether your budget is large or small, I can help you pull together a look that you love and a space that is functional.  My services range from a single room design board that you can execute on your own time, to organizing your clutter, to styling down to the last little accessories. I can come to you for a consultation and work with you in person if you're in Summerville, Charleston or surrounding areas or send you an E-Design if you're farther. Here are some services that can be included within the above listed design packages:



  • Space planning

  • Furniture and flooring selection

  • Paint and color consultation

  • Fabric selection

  • Accessory selection

  • Personal shopping

  • DIY ideas to cut costs and personalize your space

  • Organizing

  • Styling

Please contact me so we can discuss your project and how I can help you as well as pricing.  I’m willing to work with your budget. 

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Shoppable online design concept
Interior design personal accessory shopping
How much do I charge?
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