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Spring is in the air

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Spring is in the air & if you're like me, you are deep cleaning any & everything. Let's chat about how to knock out that to-do list so we can move on to Spring decor. If you're visiting from Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or Amazon, welcome! I'm so glad you're here. If you missed this post about Linens & Bedding click, here. Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. This helps me continue to provide you with how-to DIY projects as well as tutorial videos. To learn more about what affiliate links are click, here.

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I want to share with you three spring cleaning tips & some products that I own that have helped my cleaning routine.


My first tip is to use your iPhone to set reminders to remember what specific tasks need to be done on what days of the week. I'm one of those people who never remember things if they are not on my calendar. I know that all my planner people can relate. Speaking of planners.. this is my favorite brand.

Second, I use the calendar app on my phone to schedule my quarterly deep cleaning & ensure reminders are set for that. I love that I get to check off the boxes as I complete each task on my to-do list. This way I know, it's been done, plus being able to see everything out in the open also helps me to stay on track with my cleaning & prepare for cleaning that is to come. Not to mention that having an actual system makes it easy for my children also to know what gets done on each particular day, so we have no laundry or chore day issues.

My last tip is to have fun & not stress over what you aren't able to accomplish. This book taught me that having a plan is just as important as taking it slow. Do not pressure yourself into trying to get everything accomplished in one day. Sometimes it is best to prioritize your cleaning to tackle those specific areas that bother you most first.

I find it easier to clean when I have everything I need at my fingertips. Here are some of my favorite cleaning products.


First up is my vacuum. You don't have to have a pet to use this, trust me. Vacuum's made to remove pet hair have more suction to clean your carpets & floors. The first time I used this, I was completely shocked at what was picked up. Another plus is that the dirt canister has a button for easy emptying, so you don't even have to touch the trash.

Second on the list is my favorite mop. Y'all, this mop is the truth & trust me, I had my doubts. It really takes the stress off of your back while leaving your floors squeaky clean. I love that it gets rid of all the excess water for you and does not transfer that to your floors. It makes me want to mop more.

Third are these lifesaving cloths. They are so soft, absorbent, and make cleaning up a breeze. These microfiber sets come in several colors, including white, perfect for those who use bleach to disinfect.

Lastly, these scrub brushes are wonderful. I love that they come in various sizes so that you can get a lot of use out of them. Perfect for cleaning your shower, tub, tile, or those hard-to-reach spots.

I love connecting with you guys, so make sure & tell me what you think below (scroll down). Stay tuned to next week's blog post, where I share an easy Spring DIY. If you have any questions, comments, tips, or tricks to add to this spring is in the air blog post, please leave them in the comments below.


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