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Are you living in fear?

Let's chat! I have a secret to tell you.... I've been living in fear of success! I have been having some major breakthroughs during this current season in my life & I wanted to share a few things with you about breaking through this roadblock , so if you' wouldn't mind staying - it will definitely change your life!

Living in fear of success

Lately, we've had so many things going on with our family that are health related. This post isn't about how to change your eating habits or going Vegan or Vegetarian. Most notably, it's about NOT wasting the time you have on this Earth on things that are not of importance. I know you, like me, have spent countless hours falling down the rabbit hole on social media, Youtube or "Reality TV" & wondered where the time has gone!

Today's post is to merely remind you why YOU ARE IMPORTANT! I want you to realize what will happen to your gifts if you DON'T USE THEM, as well as what CAN happen if you do. In this video, i'm not using anyone as a example, but myself because I feel that this message is important!

Got any comment, questions or tips about living in fear of success or failure? Share them in the comments below!


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