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Taking the plunge

Many of you are aware of my desire to go back to school to become an licensed interior designer and some of you may have helped in my decision to do so. I just wanted to do a quick post about how I came to that decision as well as encourage someone who may be on the fence to follow their dreams. As a child I always had been interested in architecture and interior design. My father is a self taugh brick mason and cabinet maker and his determination to learn his craft was inspiring. After working for a company for over 5 years as a government contractor I found myself laid off. Every possible thought went through my mind including how in the heck would my husband and I provide for our five children. I was disgusted, angry, dissappointed and down right ill. At the council of my father in Heaven I'd devised a plan along with my husband prior to this happening to cut back on all unnecessary expenses and stockpile our money. We reduced our vactions to once a year, I worked though holidays, and we cut back on eating out. When I got the call to go to human resources I knew we were in a better postition than most who would be thrust into this. We were able to save for two years, and that coupled with my severance pay put us on top. I thank God everyday for my husband. He kept me sane through the process even as I ugly cried in my car about how I couldn't believe this actually happened. I took my time off to really get into the word and release the control I thought I had back to God. I registered for school and completed four months until I decided it wasn't what I wanted. I dreamed constantly of interior design, textiles, hardwood floors, paint swatches, tiles. I spent all my free time reading, researching, and watching videos on design.

This is what my dreams were made of and why I couldn't sleep at night! Could you? Look at this amazing stuff!!

I decided that I could wait for the perfect time to take the plunge or jump and wait for the net to appear. I just want you to know that you can acheive anything you desire with God and hard work. Remember he's already provided you the tools to be a success, you just have to use them! If you sit and wait for an opportunity to present itself before you make a decision it may never happen. I jumped!! I enrolled in The Art Institute's interior design bachelors program and I could be more thrilled! I'm looking forward to all the future holds, and I hope that you'll join me on this ride to becoming and interior designer. Thanks for stopping by.


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