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Dream Big

Breathe deep & dream big; the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I'm sharing the story behind one of our biggest blessings! If you're visiting from Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube welcome! I'm so glad you're here. If you missed last week's post about gel nails click, here. Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. This helps me continue to provide you with how-to DIY projects as well as helpful blog posts. To learn more about what affiliate links are click, here.

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Dream Big

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This past month I have been in deep thought about getting a year older & the fact that we are on the brink of celebrating ten years in one of our biggest blessings yet! Make sure to read all the way to the end & check out the slideshow!

I vividly remember running out for errands & hearing something say look over there! What I thought would be a short trip turned into a home tour. Immediately upon walking into this exact model home I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was out of our current price range. I spoke to the in house real estate representative & she provided me the write up to confirm what I already knew. We COULD NOT AFFORD THIS HOUSE!! That did not deter me... I felt something deep inside saying this is it. I do not know how, but this is our house! I feel in love with every square inch of this house & seeing every room inside made the voice get stronger! I left the model home feeling defeated, but informed of what a house that big actually costs. I went home & had to share the details. My husband thought I was crazy for various reasons... most notably financial - I’m sure! I stepped out on faith & made an appointment for he & I to see it together! He loved it, but didn’t hesitate to say, “It’s nice, but you know we can’t afford this!”

hgtv dream home

Days went by, we moved on & put our home search on the back burner. We honestly had pushed the house out of our minds, because it was what was best. One day I receive a phone call from the agent on site at saying she'd like to know if we were still in the market for this house. Great, now I had to openly admit to her we couldn't afford the house. I took a deep breath & started to tell her & she interrupted me saying, "Things have changed & we'd like you to stop by." I blurted out that I didn't think that was a good idea because the house was out of our price range.

She convinced me to schedule the meeting. Hubby gets home & I begin to tell him what happened & he says, "Let's just go by now." By this point I have the bubble guts & I'm all kinds of nervous. We walk in & are handed the write up for the model & I was in complete & utter shock! Due to issues with the housing market the builder wanted to complete the last of his projected builds & move on. The prices had been updated to reflect that & now our dream home was definitely within our grasp. Hubby & I took a moment to discuss between ourselves & we decided to go for it. We were so grateful that we used Dave Ramsey to help cut back. Having the beans & rice, rice & beans mentality allowed us to save more than enough to make this dream a reality!

I’ve said all this to say, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to & as long as God’s in it you’ll always win!

Dream Big Quotes

Today, take your mind off small thinking & dream BIG! The most important thing is not to just dream, but also put in work towards accomplishing your dream!!! Watch him do the rest!

I love connecting with you guys, so make sure & tell me what you think below. Stay tuned to next weeks blog post where I share why I've been MIA. If you have any questions, comments, tips or tricks to add to the dream big blog post, please leave them in the comments below.

~ La

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