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DIY home office preview

I am so excited to share the plans for my DIY home office preview with you. This project has been a long time coming. I've never really shared this space of my home with you on social media however, if you follow me on Instagram or facebook you got a peek. Let's take a closer look together of my plans for this space.

DIY home office preview

Above is my design inspiration for this room. I love this light blue color that envelops the walls.


Here are my rough draft plans for this well-loved wasted space. I'm stuck with the footprint here because it's a small passthrough & that's ok. It comes in at a whopping 130 sqft & there are a few architectural details I'l have to decorate around. Luckily there are two windows, so lots of natural light can pour in. The downside is it's open, but I have a plan that will allow me to close the space

off when I want!

DIY home office preview built in wall
diy home office preview seating area

Imagine this wall with white floor to ceiling built in bookshelves. The shelving will be open holding books & accessories. I always imagined my office with a seating area & some additional storage, so this is the mock placement.


Let's discuss more about this update. From the start I knew I wanted to implement storage that went floor to ceiling in this room. We had these standard Walmart bookshelves (you probably own them too) in this space. The weren't horrible, they just didn't fit into my vision for my office.

For starters they were black & I wanted my home to have a light and airy feeling as shown here. Secondly; they were way to short, so I decided to use what I had increase their size & add elements that I loved. I love that by doing that it added additional space for books & accessories & it also made the space seem larger. Beforehand, you couldn't really tell how high the ceilings were in here. You always should aim to draw the eye up & showcase the space you have.

Now for the fun part... I knew I wanted a desk with storage & had my eye on something like this.

diy home office preview sample desk

I love the ornateness of it's features, but definitely not the price tag. I could make one, but I didn't want to draw this project out longer or go over budget. Plus, I had a pretty cool treatment I wanted to try that would take some time, so I did the next best thing. Thrifting! I scored a pretty awesome desk and a pair of beautiful vintage chairs for $30!

Let's talk about the walls! I've always planned on adding architectural details to my home that add to its charm. I immediately thought I have got to add board and batten in my office! My plan was amazing, but I was terrified of doing it without help. I contact a few contractors who wanted a pretty penny & decided against it. Check out how I motivated myself to do it alone, here.

See how amazing it is when you push past fear? I hope that video motivated you to keep pushing & if you have't subscribed to my Youtube Channel I'd love to have you!

Here comes the part where we talk about accessories. You know... when you have the most amazing dress & need the perfect earrings & necklace to set it off! I didn't want the room to be cluttered, so I decided on minimal accessories. I think it's important to always allow yourself room for growth in a space. I gave myself a budget for a small side table, storage boxes, affordable conversation pieces & candle of course! I love the smell of candles, so there's no way my office would be complete without one.

I showed you a sneak peek on Instagram of some of my haul. Did you miss it?

diy home office preview accessories haul

Well there you have it... my DIY home office preview has been revealed! I hope you love it as much as I do. I have truly been enjoying this space for a little while and thought it was time to share. Stay tuned for the reveal next week! If you have any questions, comments, tips or tricks that you'd like to share leave me a comment below!


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