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Top Seven Posts of 2017

The last year has gone by in a flash, so I thought I'd share my top seven posts of 2017 with you. You guys have been truly amazing this past year, while I grew more confident in my abilities as a designer. I've also gotten better at taking cues from you about what you'd like to see more of. Thanks to you these are the most popular, so let's take a look back at some of what we accomplished this year.

7 interior design mistakes to avoid

I walked you through seven mistakes that I've seen made in interior design and simple ways to make changes, here. By following those steps you are able to design your spaces perfectly every single time! You'll be surprised at some of the mistakes listed, but don't worry we'll get you sorted out.

I showed you how I saved over $5k by painting my kitchen cabinets, here. I was a project that I loved through all phases that continues to make me smile daily, even on a dirty day (insert laughter). I loved having the opportunity to work with my dad on this project because his work is such an inspiration. Want to learn more about me, click here?

30 meals in 30 minutes

In this blog post I spilled secrets about how I meal plan for 30 days at a time in just 30 minutes, here. These simple tips have allowed me to go grocery shopping & not forget anything! Get this, it's also stopped the dreaded question we always get asked about what's for dinner!


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Hoover LED Light Review

We went back to my kitchen remodel where I showed you how I added under cabinet lighting for less than $30 here! This is a quick DIY project that can be completed in a weekend it comes with a video that happens to be my most popular on Youtube. Are you following me there?

I partnered with home depot & smart tiles for this quick backsplash update in my kitchen remodel, here. It was the start of something amazing in my kitchen and you can easily do it too. As you look through the post you can see how this simple update customizes the kitchen.


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This is a secret DIY that I have been doing for years, especially because it can get expensive buying tons of curtains. Here, I show you how I save money by doing them on my own & customization possibilities are endless.


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This blog post was a hit for those looking for Spring cleaning tips. Here, I showed step-by-step tips to get rid of hard water and soap scum stains. I also shared a little secret that will keep it from coming back. There are a lot of lightbulb moments in this post that will really help you in the future; as they helped me and my family.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments & the feedback you've given me in this last year. I hope you enjoyed reminiscing on the top seven of 2017, as much as I did. Do you have any questions, comments, tips or tricks to share about the top seven? If so, please share them in the comments below.


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