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Simple Foyer Updates

Today let's get right into the simple foyer updates I've made in my home. This whole update came in under $60. If you're visiting from Instagram or Facebook, welcome! I'm so glad you're here. If you missed last week's post about my formal living room updates click, here. I honestly really haven't ever thought much about this area of my home. If you've ever visited our home you'd understand why... not many people actually enter through our front door. We have three doors on the first level, so it gets kind of confusing.

Simple foyer updates

Last year, I did some updates to our front door to add to the curb appeal, here. I wanted to do a little more, so I moved inside to address the empty foyer. This is what it used to look like, not horrible just sad and empty. As you can see below, the entry portion is wider than the remaining foyer, but the stairwell eats up some of the square-footage.

Empty Foyer, before

I knew I needed a rug, table & some accessories, since this is a rarely used entry point I knew could go light. The budget for this space would be no more than one-hundred dollars, with the idea that improvements would be added over time. Knowing that I could probably find everything I needed at a few stores, I headed to Ross & TJ Maxx.

While searching in Ross, I found a small console table with storage that was perfect. I loved the fact that the table was white, made in Vietmam & had banana leaf drawers; like the head chairs in my formal dining room. Here's a closer look at the x-detailing on the sides. A major plus was that this piece was thirty dollars & included the baskets, there was no way I'd pass it up!

small entryway

Another thing I loved about this piece was that the drawers were spacious.

inside of the drawers

The rug I found was equally gorgeous. It was important to me that it be of good quality & feel great underfoot. It's reading a beige color in this photo but it's an off white & at twenty dollars it was a steal!


I did take extra precautions & applied Scotchguard, as I normally do to all my important fabrics. In a house of seven, there are bound to be things tracked in or spills. This product makes clean up a breeze & it looks just as perfect as the day you bought it!

The remainder of the aisles in Ross were pretty empty. I decided to try my luck at TJ Maxx for the last of my accessories. Lucky for me, I found the keys and silver vase hidden in an un-disclosed location and both of these accessories were under four dollars each.

keys, sign  & vase

I love when people do that, especially because in the past I have been guilty of doing it as well. The piece of advice I always give my clients is, "if you love it, it's functional & you can afford it, buy it!" You never want to be the person coming back for the item(s) they hid only to find they're gone!

I found the blue welcome to our home sign near the register on way to checkout. Feeling pretty good about my impromptu trip, I set off to style the items in my small entryway. In a previous DIY, I created this coffee filter flower that was perfect for this space! The only thing I had to do was place it on top of the vase. When the mood struck & it would, I could change it out for real or faux blooms. The last thing I did was add this metal arrow that I picked up on a separate trip to Hobby Lobby. I just updated the paint to match the blue paint color in my family room.

What do you think? If you have any questions, comments, tips or tricks to add my simple foyer update please leave them in the comments below. I love to connecting with you guys.


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