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Love, Romance & World Market

Let's talk about love, romance & World Market! One of my absolute favorite things to do is shop for a home & share amazing discounts to my readers. Let me show you how to use my designer coupons on sale items for deeper savings! I love everything about it and I could spend hours on end, sourcing without a care in the world. Let's take a trip & dive into my love of World Market!

Love Romance World Market

**Disclaimer** This post does offer affiliate links that you and both benefit from using. I may earn a small commission for your use of these discount codes.

World Market is one of my favorite stores because of the variety of items you can purchase there. Today I'm sharing how I save money as a designer & how I extend those savings to my clients!

Read my tips below, apply them & watch my video!!

Tip # 1: Did you know that major retailers offer discounts to designers that you as a shopper won't receive? Even if you decide not to hire a designer to help you with your home, you can STILL work with them under contract to purchase items for you! I offer personal shopping as a designer package, so instead of paying my full designer fee you can pay for that package & still take advantage of designer discounts!

Tip # 2: I use EBATES & IBOTTA as well as coupons they offer to in addition to my designer discounts! Ebates is amazing they are a site that offers discounts for shopping!! You get cash back for SHOPPING! This time of year they offer double & sometimes triple cash back & get this..... they also offer IN STORE CASH BACK!!

TIP # 3: Shopping cart save! I always add items to my shopping cart for a day or two before purchasing! If you do this it will trigger the retailers computer system to send you coupons. Most of the time these coupons will be for the exact item in your cart. Don't ever purchase items immediately- if you can!

Press Play & Let's Take a Trip - Let me show you the amazing deals at world market & how to apply the tips I've just given you!

Do you have any comments about the love, romance & world market video or this blog post? If you'd like to share tips or tricks that have benefitted you while shopping share them in the comments below!

~ La

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