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Formal living room updates

If you've been following me for a while you've seen this transformation coming. I have slowly been selling & donating items to get ready for this project. Today I'd like to share with you our formal living room updates. If you've come over to visit via Instagram or Facebook, welcome. I'm happy to have you here with me.

If you missed last weeks post about my home office click, here.

Here's where we are currently. Remember any updates to this space will always be listed, here for your reference.

Formal living room updates

This is what our space used to look like a few years ago.

Formal living room
formal living room

Not bad, but not my style. At that time our accent color was red & has since changed to something a little less in your face. Originally the idea was to slip cover this sofa & keep it to reduce costs to update this room. The problem I ran into was how much the fabric would cost, we're talking upwards of $400. I decided it was a better to sell the sofa and glass tables & start fresh with furniture. In the meantime this room held what I'd like to call a $80 "right now" sofa. You know what that is... the sofa you have right now, while you're waiting on the real sofa. It's not pictured, because I'd rather spare you from looking at that view.

I came up with a space plan & decided that it'd be cool to change up our previous layout. I toyed with several sofa options like this gorgeous sectional.

Tan sectional sofa

I thought it would be so cool, especially around the holidays! It was able to fit comfortably in the space, but I decided against it. I reverted back to my original choice, that hubby & I both agreed on. The chesterfield!! Now, I just needed to choose a color & find a price I was happy paying. I really loved the look of this navy option & knew it would be great at hiding stains. You can get it for yourself at Houzz with an additional 5% off with code : LATOYA5E9

Chesterfield sofa

Plenty of you loved this option too & voted for it in my Instagram stories poll. Thanks so much for participating! I was a little sorry to let you know... that I decided against the navy, because I wanted to keep it light in this space. I stuck with this sofa & decided against paying for the nailhead trim because I knew I could add it myself later.

Garcia Chesterfield sofa

If you go back & take a look at the before pictures above, you'll notice the sofa position has changed. I like it placed this way so that you can really see & appreciate all the tufting around the piece. To pick up on the dark tones in the sofa legs I purchased these gorgeous wingback chairs with nail head trim.

Christiana wingback chairs

In between the chairs you can see rug & our marble-topped armoire. I really love the look of this piece in our open concept space, since I'm using the matching dresser as a sideboard in our dining room! Here's a closer view of the top complete with my Winter vignette. Everything pictured was purchased, here.

formal living room updates

I must admit I really love the change & I feel it goes so well with our updated lighter approach. I smile more now when I come downstairs & see this room. To be honest, I think I smile because I really love what I do. As I've always said to my clients, "If you have it in your home & see it daily it should be beautiful, functional & make you smile!"

Did you enjoy seeing the process behind my choices? If you have any questions, comments, tips or tricks about my formal living room updates feel free to leave them below in the comments. I really love connecting with you.


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