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Fire! Vinyl Siding Nightmare

This past week we had a situation that could have been avoided; albeit a fire & vinyl siding nightmare! Lord knows it was a time y'all!! I could not believe my eyes when I saw the damage that condensation & heat can cause in a matter of minutes. To be honest it was shocking & equally horrible.

I thought that Thursday would be like any other day. I'd get things together for dinner, help with homework & since no one had any after school activities we'd chill. As a busy wife & mom of 5, I relish breathing time. Little did I know, things would not be going according to plan.... well my plans that is. Isn't it funny how looking back that on plans that didn't work out can make you laugh? No, ok... me neither.. a least not right now.

Anyhow the kids chose a quick dinner of hamburgers & since we've been trying to limit our meat intake they were excited. Everything was going fine & the grill was doing it's preheating thang, so I popped inside to grab the meat. I proceeded to put the burgers on the grill to be cooked, set the timer on my phone & closed the lid. Throughout the whole process we were smooth sailing, so imagine my shock when I returned to smoke & through the smoke was this is sight....

Fire! Vinyl Siding Nightmare

OMG, the horror!!

To make matters worse... random neighborhood kids had gathered & were pointing. I literally can't make this stuff up. I'm sure in It was bad enough that my house now resembled a cheap piece of Tupperware that was microwaved too long! There they were.. peeping & pointing! Ugh... I immediately turned off the grill, grabbed the meat. My sweet children said, "Mommy it could be worse!" They were right, so when the smoke completely cleared I visually assessed the damage closer & texted the Mr. that I had an issue at the house & we needed to talk. I used several choice emoji's to get the point across & he immediately called me because my emoji game is SO STRONG. I have to laugh to keep from crying, Lord.

Take a closer look...

My husband is so amazing guys! He sensed how upset I was & immediately made me feel better. We knew better & already have plans to finally relocate the grill, so this will be a thing of the past. You know what they say,"Once you know better, you do better!" I can't wait until our siding is repaired, but in the meantime my mantra is, It could've been worse!" I thank God everyday that it wasn't. Another thing I didn't think much about until this happens is the fire rating for vinyl siding. We had several neighbors who had issues with their siding melting from direct sun-rays shining through another neighbors windows. Since this has occurred, our home builder has changed out those windows & replaced the siding. Shocking huh?!

Instead of knocking out my regularly scheduled pressure washing I'm looking at a picture of me doing it. Does that count? This little mishap may have pushed back my fall decor, but it hasn’t derailed it completely. I’m working on my front porch for now and after repairs, I’ll work on the side porches.

Fire! Vinyl Siding Nightmare

I hope our minor setback has shown you that if you are doing what we did, this could happen to you. It's our prayer that sharing our story keeps you from experiencing this. Make sure to check back next week for a quick Fall DIY that you can do with your kids!

Got any comments, questions or tips about our fire & vinyl siding nightmare? Share them in the comments below.


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