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DIY home office progress

The feedback on last week's blog post was amazing! I truly can't wait to show you my DIY home office progress. If you missed the plans for this project click here first. I want you to really have an understanding of everything. I've been pretty vocal on Instagram and Facebook about my home office.

This particular part of our house is a passthrough, so we knew whatever we put in this space needed to contend with that. It has been a playroom, study & overflow sleeping when we have family visiting, but now it's truly operating how I believe it's intended.

diy home office progess. Before playroom

As you can see it wasn't horrible, yet it didn't really function as we a family of seven needed it to. When our home was built we decided to forgo the expensive millwork upgrades with the understanding that I would do it in time. I'm not a carpenter, but my dad is a jack of all trades as shown here, so I knew I was capable of learning. I think you love things a little more when you are able to appreciate the fact that you did or made them. Don't you agree? He didn't help me one bit with this project! In fact, he was just as shocked as I was at the progress!

Last week we spoke about the blank back wall that had the two black bookshelves. I knew I wanted floor to ceiling storage & thought about donating them because they were to short.

Walmart standard black bookshelves

I was determined to stay under budget, so I thought outside the box & came up with a plan to build them up. I wanted them to look like a piece of furniture that had always been here. I took my measurements and came up with a plan & went shopping at HomeDepot.

If you missed my video about how I got the courage to do this project alone, make sure to check it out here.

I decided on using MDF & pocket holes since they were the strongest form of joinery in carpentry. I used this Kreg Jig, saw & drill from this kit & nail gun for this project. You can purchase them as well by clicking the pictured affiliate links above. Learn more about affiliate links, here.

Pocket holes

Here you can see me getting started making up the difference between the store-bought bookshelf & my ceiling. I used a standard tape measure, but be sure to measure as you go, due possible to drywall inconsistencies. I continued the same process of measuring, re-checking, cutting ,then installing the MDF until I had completed both bookshelves. I didn't paint the bookshelves prior, but you could definitely do so to save time. I waited because I knew I'd need to fill holes & caulk. No one wants to do double work, so prioritize as you see fit. I also ensured that I installed braces to the studs to properly distribute the weight of items that would be placed on this bookshelf. You want to make sure that safety is paramount in any DIY project.

We discussed that I wanted this to look like a built- furniture piece, so I choose rolled feet that would be installed in predrilled holes at the bottom of the bookshelves. Here are the feet I chose for this project. They are simple naked rolled feet that will be painted to match. I also added some primed lattice & shoe molding to cover the seams between pieces.

Primed lattice & shoe molding
Buit ins before paint

Here are the vintage leather chairs that I found at Habitat for Humanity, styled with this beautiful mother of pearl side table. I love that it brings one of my favorite parts of the kitchen upstairs.

Vintage armchairs with mother of pearl side table

Let's not forget this gorgeous solid wood desk that I also scored for $15. I like to keep my desk styling simple and uncluttered, since I find I'm most creative when it is. That's not to say it's not a total mess from time to time.

Did you notice the board and batten treatment? I promise to walk you through it in a future blog post! You won't have to won't have to wait very long. I like how this detail makes the room feel richer & brightens the space.

Did you enjoy the peek of my DIY home office progress? I think it really came a long way & I'm not finished just yet, but don't worry I'll share the updates with you here. If you have any questions, comments, tips or tricks about my DIY home office progress leave them in the comments below. I love connecting with you!


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