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Best way to clean a shower

It's the first day of Spring & although parts of the county are still cold & don't feel the Springiest, I wanted to share the best way to clean a shower. You know we've been on a Spring cleaning spree around these parts! Let me teach you how get rid of soap scum forever! If you're visiting from Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube welcome! I'm so glad you're here. If you missed last week's recipe & post about getting your linens & bedding Spring ready click, here. Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. This helps me continue to provide you with how-to DIY projects as well as helpful blog posts on Life of La. To learn more about what affiliate links are click, here.

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Bathrooms should be a space of luxury in my opinion. Their sole reason is to help take away the stress of your day. When I'm in a pinch, I love a quick hot shower, but on days when I have time I love to soak in the tub. If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that Sunday is usually my self-love spa day.

I'm not a fan of constantly cleaning up spaces (could be that as a mom of five that's an endless job), yet I love a spotless house. Does that sound crazy? One of my goals is to be able to eventually outsource the deep cleaning in our home. In the meantime, I want share with you some tips to stay on top of soap scum in your very own personal spa. These will be a lifesaver when you and I are both saving up for the maids to come save us from our own mess.

Shower glass buildup! We all have it and at times I know we struggle with where to start, and how to actually clean it. Most of us don't realize the build up on our glass doors is actually a mixture of hard water and soap scum and steam helps this film cling onto our glass for dear life!!

Let's be real... removing hard water stains and soap scum is a challenging task, but the following tips will definitely help remove and prevent any current issues we may have. Plus the cool tool I ordered below makes it a snap!

soap scum or lime scale buildup


1: Grab your spray & saturate your shower glass & surrounding areas. I love this all natural one, here.

2: Scrub, SCRUB, SCRUB!! I've tried a Magic eraser, but this cool tool I just ordered, or damp dryer sheet for this part works best! You will have a lot of buildup, so it's very important to make sure you rinse very well after scrubbing.

3: Depending on the intensity of your build up, you may need to grab a this handheld scouring pad or razor blade and go at it again to scrub off the remaining buildup.

4: Rinse with warm water to remove everything. After the final rinse you should notice a major improvement in your glass. ( if not, repeat steps 1-3 again )

5: Don't forget to apply a protectant such as RainX to your glass. You want to protect your hard work! Trust me... it will make it so much easier the next time.

** NEVER apply any type of protectant to the floor of your shower unless you plan on doing some SERIOUS slipping, sliding, and possibly CRYING!!**


1: Use a squeegee, or microfiber towel to wipe away the leftover water after every single shower. I love using the squeegee, because it allows my husband to get in on this cleaning thing!

2: Use lemon oil to help continue cutting through the future scum & a water repellent such as Rain-X on your door and glass bi-weekly. This will prevent additional residue build up from sticking & keep your glass looking amazing!


Prop open the shower door a little after your shower to allow some airflow. These tips have kept our space gleaming!

oasis day spa

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Spring a lovely reminder

I love connecting with you guys, so make sure & tell me what you think below. Subscribe & stay tuned to my next blog post where I share another quick & delicious recipe. If you have any questions, comments, tips or tricks to add to the best way to clean a shower blog post, please leave them in the comments below.

~ La

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