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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Hello beautiful people!

I am moving through my list of projects I'd planned on completing this year! I'm really excited about sharing this one with you. This is by far one of the easiest projects I've completed yet. Those of you who love to read my long posts may be just a little sad about the size of this post.

Don't fear.... I've added a video and some pictures!

Traditional kitchen with under cabinet lighting

I don't really make purchases until I've done extensive research and most would say that alone has kept them from really completing things. I do it because as a designer it's important that I invest my money properly in our home. It was always a desire to have under cabinet lighting in our home, but I hadn't settled on the exact type I wanted. Then this happened...

Hoover LED's

What did I do? The same thing we all would do... grab it and put it in my basket. What..? I checked out the display beforehand!

I decided that for the money it was a pretty good buy! I loved the fact that they included the batteries, so I didn't have the added cost or drama of looking for them. I thought back to my kitchen & imagined how these would look in our space. I remembered the other lighting options I thought about and since this was a better buy I jumped! Another amazing detail is that one remote will work for multiple packages!

The installation was pretty straightforward and it took less than five minutes to install all of them. To be honest adding the batteries was the longest part.

Here are a few pictures of how the color options look in our kitchen at night.

Blue LED
Clear LED


Green LED

Comment below if you think you'd be interested in buying these for a quick update in your home?


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