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Darling Damask

I was on the hunt for something amazing to give me a vibrant pop in my master closet. I knew I didn't want to go with anything that would compete with the clothing that we'd be storing, since we opted for an open system. If you missed my post about our custom master closet, you have to go back and read it!

I also wanted something that would give a cohesive flow, so the closet didn't feel like it's own room in our suite. After thinking I came up with a few ways I could tackle this, paint was an easy option since it's usually the cheapest. I know that I wouldn't be happy with just plain paint in that space!

I've always been a fan of damask, for as long as I can remember it was prominently placed in homes I loved to frequent. In designing many of our homes, I reserved it's placement in my most special areas. Then the light bulb went off, I could use it in my closet!

There are so many options out there right now for implementing this print; for instance, fabric, decals & wall paper to name a few. I decided on wall paper! Shocked you, huh? Don't be alarmed, this wall paper has everything you'd desire from a normal wall paper, yet the only difference is streamlined installation.

Here it is up close:

Nuwallpaper Damask pattern

I chose NuwallPaper because it was removable and for the price they're selling it at the design possibilities are endless! You can purchase this wallpaper at any home improvement store, but get this Amazon also sells it!!

If you don't have Amazon Prime you need to sign up now!! Think about finding exactly what you need & not having to wait 5-7 days to receive it! Amazon prime can deliver same-day (in some areas) or within 2 days! Where's my crown & throne?!

I hope you guys are as excited as I am about these plans! Next week I'll share another diy project with you, that will be installed in my master closet! Make sure you sign up for my newsletter, so you don't miss the big reveal!


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