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Holiday Reflections

Christmas Tree

I know I'm not the only one who thinks this time goes by way too fast. Can I be honest with you...? We're friends here... so ... I'll be transparent. I am a little sad that my husband has gone back to work, but I'm not sad the kids are back in school! Since, they're gone I have some free time to chat it up with you.

If you actually were visiting my home I'd offer you a nice ice cold glass of sweet tea. Since, this is not the case we'll just do a rain check & get to it!

We are in the thick of 2017, so I'm aware that 2016 has come to a close I can't help but reminisce on Winter break. It was pretty good to have my husband home and not have a huge list of tasks that were in need of completion like yesterday. Sometimes it's important to just take a breather and Winter break was just that for our family.

It was important to me to be present and make the most of this short time. We did pretty well ensuring that we didn't allow our schedules to get overwhelmed. I must say we did pretty great- three birthday's, one major event & short basketball tournament. Wait... I forgot that I squeezed in a kitchen remodel!

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (LaInspires) you've gotten a few sneak peeks of the amazing things I'm sharing with you in 2017. I reserve my stories & snaps for peeks at exclusive content before it hits the blog.

Currently, there a no traces of Christmas in my home.... tears. This really makes me a little sad, partly because of the amount of work it took to do everything. We usually get a real tree, but this year we were so busy we had to buy an artificial one. I must admit at first I wasn't happy about the idea of an artificial tree in my home... Now we are the proud owners of two...Don't judge me! If you missed my holiday home tour check it out here!

During that lull between Christmas and the New Year, we always talk with our children about their goals for the upcoming year. We also revisit our goals made the previous year to see what goals we accomplished and which we didn't. Some people aren't the type who make resolutions and if that's you ... it's OK! The process we taught our children is pretty straight forward, so if you missed it you can catch a recap here. I really helps to make sure your goals are written out and specific, so that you have a scale to measure accomplishments. You want make sure your progress is continually monitored like anything else.

Here's to an amazing year filled with wonderful memories and top-notch experiences!


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