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Show Me What You Got

Hey Guys!! I'm a sucker for being a tad bit showy, so today we're discussing displaying collections (and I'm not talking about your credit report & Sallie Mae). Come on in, pull up your seat & lets chat.

Show Me What You Got

Hearing the word collection may bring to mind visits to grandma's house, ceramic dolls, or precious moments figurines. Hopefully by the end of this post, I will have inspired you to show your stuff without being too stuffy. I'm always exhilarated to see artwork or beautiful collections in my travels to hotels, restaurants, and friend's homes. From antique china to stunning botanical prints, mirrors and deer, these homes have used so many creative ideas without them feeling overwhelming. I'm confident after seeing these, I will have sparked a few weekend redo projects.

Mount a display - Grab some plate hooks, templates of your best china and try this. I love this cheery and bright design.

How about checking out how amazing you look every time you ascend these stairs? I think there is something so provocative about using a grouping of mirrors as a decorative accent. In this instance they kept them all uniform in color to give the impact of one big mirror.

I love the way this library collection has been organized by color with the binding in view, so you can quickly find what you're looking for. The homeowner kept the built in white, while allowing the books to be the star of the show.

Which collection is your a favorite?


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