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Concrete Jungle

Hey there!

I hope things have been great on your side of things. I have been busy, but in a good way! I couldn't be more happy about how things are going here.

I'm always on the lookout for cost effective, yet functional interior design ideas. Recently, my wheels have been spinning at the thought of flooring. Currently we have beautiful lived in floors thanks to my children (insert side eye).

They looked like this... before recent updates.

but if I had my choice of different options during the building process, I would have gone with something similar to these choices below.... I absolutely love the look of the concrete in the pictures below. I think that anytime you can utilize materials you already have on hand & create the look you want- it's a win win! In this day and age, clients have the ability to have the look of wood created by stamps into wet concrete. It is possible to achieve a warm traditional look with concrete. You could also request to add radiant heating, just like what you would add under tile. I really wish home builders these days would truly allow home buyers the choice of true home building customization. What do you think?


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