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Let Me Clear My THROAT

As I type this post, I'm hyping myself up about this kitchen remix!! Insert... DJ Kool's, "Clear my Throat video!" Fast forward to the 17 second mark.... cue the horns!! I know I'm not the only one who loves saving money!!

Check out the backsplash project completed with smart tiles. I've attached some before pictures of what the kitchen looked like painted without a backsplash. As you already know, paint and accessories can completely change the look of any space for small amount.

After backsplash


I think the change has drastically elevated the look of the kitchen! I'm really pleased and would use smart tiles again in the future. Don't be afraid of doing projects for fear of messing up. This process was straightforward and saved tons of money on labor and materials. Just for comparison sake>> smart tiles come in sets of 6, 12, or 24 (can also be sold individually for about $7-$10)- regular glass mosaic tile can run from $12-$60 ea. That does not include the additional required materials or labor to install it. The most cost effective route usually works best for me.

**Don't forget to remind your cashier about applying the 10% military discount if it applies to you!!**

How do you think the project turned out? Please comment below & share your thoughts. #showusyourdiy




I wanted to share a quick gallery wall tip, since I also refreshed it in the kitchen. When doing gallery walls cut out pieces of paper the same size as what you are hanging, use painter's tape to arrange on wall ( I also plan it out on the floor). Nail through your pre-marked hole spots & hang your art! Then, trash the paper templates. Happy hanging!

lay out your gallery wall
Nail Here
Gallery Wall/Command Center

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