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In hindsight I can definitely say that this trip was by far the best and most memorable family trip yet. Our amazing accomodations got my wheels spinning on projects I'd like to complete in my own home. We were blessed to have a split 3-level home to celebrate our Christmas in the mountains. Level 1, the game floor came complete with a bedroom, bathroom, laundry, pool & card table, and movie room. Level 2, family room, kitchen, bathroom and master suite. Level 3, housed two bedrooms and a bathroom. My favorite parts of the house were the picturesque floor to ceiling windows, movie room and master bathroom. I fell in love with the huge walk-in shower complete with multiple massaging shower heads, but the two person soaker tub drove home the win for us. I really enjoyed the attention to detail the owners used to ensure their guests had a wonderful stay.

The first few mornings I woke up with Grandma in hopes that we'd be able to see the sunrise from our amazing oasis in the clouds. Unfortunately, the sheer height of our location coupled with the weather made that impossible. Instead of being upset about not being able to partake in the sunrise I found myself being grateful for what the Lord had blessed my family with. We had our health & strength & this time to be together, so we made the most of it. We watched movies, talked, played games, joked, laughed and enjoyed one another. One thing that is most important to me is my family, and I'm sure there is no doubt after our jammed packed time in Todd, NC.

Each member in our family will always have personal memories of what made this trip memorable for us. I didn't spend a lot of time journaling during this trip because I wanted to luxuriate in the fact that my duties were limited. I did take a few videos and pictures of the striking view from the second story balcony. I hope you enjoy and if you happen to be looking for cabin to rent in the North Carolina area, check out Owl's View.


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