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Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

I wanted to take some time out to do a little post about our Christmas trip so far. I must say that this trip has afforded us many first as a family. This is by far our most amazing trip yet, although I had a little booking remorse on the drive up. It seemed like everything was working against us, rental dilemmas, traffic, lost luggage, continued stopping due to the tarp, and GPS issues. In the end it all worked out & eventually we arrived on the road to begin our mountain ascent. I must admit upon first glance and climb each curve, turn, shreik, grip and grind of the tires was enough to make your heart stop. Yet, we continued to soldier on and ultimately arrived at our oasis in the clouds. The view from up here is amazing...... check out some videos of our ride back after our grocery trip. I will admit that after the initial shock of how high we were wore off we were able to really let loose and enjoy some family time. Stay tuned for more pictures & video from the remainder of our week.


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