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What's between you and greatness?

Week 4 has been the most trying week to date. Many of my (interior designer) assignments had me on the brink of tears because I had no idea how to complete them. One thing I loved about AI Online is that it's an environment for creatives to thrive. I hadn't imagined we'd ever be given assignments that dealt with things we had no prior knowlege or instruction in. I had to rely on some advice my husband gave me a while back. He said, "In this day and age no one shouldn't know how to do anything-Google it!" I became pretty close and personal with Mr. Google & YouTube and searched every tutorial possible to teach myself how to use these applications. I've learn that the difference between being mediocre, and being amazing is drive and determination not to fail! I know what I'm working towards and I refuse to allow myself to get down and list all the reasons why I can't complete something. People have time for things they deem important and if it's important to them they do whatever they have to do to ensure it happens. There are others out there who make up every excuse in the book as to why it can't or won't happen. In the end you are the only one standing between you and your greatest-self. What do you choose? This week I choose to keep trying, learning and pushing, because giving up is NOT an option. When is the last time you did your own personal evaluation of yourself to find areas of your life you could improve on? I hope this blog post inspires someone to take accountability and keep striving to do better today than yesterday. We will be celebrating the achievement of our goals in no time!


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